Weeknotes s1 w5 w/e 26 June 2020

Hullo everyone. We had the Board session on our draft environmental strategy this week. Despite being a bit put off by some noises off (next time I am switching off my phone notifications!) I think we made a lot of progress and I think we all feel the need to do more. A good starting point and slightly above my expectations.

It struck me during the conversation how complicated all the different declarations can be – I don’t think it’s generally known in the public that the uk has declared it will be carbon neutral by 2050, for example. And there are loads of them. And what does good really look like? New territory for all of us. The difficulty of knowing what direction we should be going in also came up at a recent pan sector accountants meeting I attended. I’m no PR expert but it seems that a stronger and simpler call to action for all sectors and all organisations would really help.

The preparation conversation (see w4) definitely helped though and it was heartening to hear the degree of alignment with colleagues and Board on that. Just haven’t had the chance to feedback properly to colleagues yet. Eek!

And the funding. We need help on this – huge sums are required – and it would be good to have some clarity on this soon.

I have moved one of my main meetings to Gsuite this week and turned what was quite a heavy governance set of papers into a single collaborative document. This perturbed a couple of my colleagues initially but in the end went well. The penny dropped when one of them said “ahh this will be so much less admin next time!” It will be. We were also able to write real time project scopes thereby saving a lot of too-ing and fro-ing afterwards. Effort well spent.

It reminded me though that not everyone has my natural arrogance to test things to destruction and of the importance of support and training alongside when rolling out systems. As with so many projects it’s all about building the confidence and creating the right culture, and not just an emphasis on the technical specifications.

Pleased to say I kept this meeting to within the hour – which I am finding is my natural limit. Sorry colleagues, if I am on a call for much longer, then you may wish to assume I’m not always there in spirit, despite best efforts.

Finally I started my voluntary position as a Board Member of the Institute of Welsh Affairs this week – which I am massively chuffed about. It really fits me well and am pleased with the professionalism of the Institute so far. I had a small dose of impostor syndrome at one point, interestingly, but it wore off soon enough. That’s a good sign I think, it means I am pushing my comfort zones and I would hate to get in a rut. I’m also conscious of the need to keep learning new things. And it’s always good to make a difference. So I can’t wait to get stuck in.

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