• Neil Tamplin

    Neil Tamplin

    I do digital/IT delivery for @ValleysToCoast. Interested in the spot where technology & people meet. Often learning. Always curious.

  • Corsair's Publishing

    Corsair's Publishing

    Articles that engage, educate, and entertain through analogies, analytics, and … occasionally, pirates!

  • Marcia Sinfield

    Marcia Sinfield

  • Neil Goodrich

    Neil Goodrich

    I lift weights, tweet things & chase eggs round fields. Also a housing professional, occasional blogger.

  • Owen Jones

    Owen Jones

  • Cathy Goodwin

    Cathy Goodwin

    Helping entrepreneurs and independent professionals grow their businesses one story at a time. http://cathygoodwin.com

  • Stephen Cook

    Stephen Cook

    Social housing consultant interested in good governance. And some other things...

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